Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lacking Motivation

Not much has changed since my last post. The only major thing that has occurred is that my husband and I moved. At the old place, our lease was up at the end of July and the owner wanted us to sign a one year lease. Because I don't know when and where I'm going to end up, I didn't want to commit to a one year lease. But it was a major challenge to find a place in this town that would rent to us on a month to month basis. Everywhere I looked, they wanted long-term (one year) leases. Finally, I found someone through a friend, who was willing to rent to us month to month. Thank goodness for friends! The new apartment has a larger kitchen and bathroom, and it has a fireplace. It costs $226 less a month than at the old place! There are a lot of pine trees around the place.

The view over the patio fence.

My job hunt isn't going very well. Since I graduated, I've applied for 5 positions. For 3 of them, I have never heard anything back, so my application probably went into the circular file. One of the positions got canceled because the interviewers didn't have time to look at the applications. For the fifth position, I made the cut and my application has been referred to the hiring official! It's a low level position, but the pay is okay and it's based in my home state.

There have been at least 7 other positions that I could have applied for but did not. Why? I have been asking myself that very question. I did spend a lot of time looking for an apartment. But if the truth must be told, it's that I really really like where I am working right now. So, I'm just not that motivated to go anywhere else. I believe that I'm at one of the best, if not the best plant diagnostic department in the country. The only problem is that my job is the same that I had when I was an intern. The job title is the same, the pay is the same, and there are no benefits. I want more. I cannot stay in the position indefinitely. So how do I motivate myself to apply to more positions? Keep my eyes focused on the more that I want...I guess.