Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Hero

I am a baby boomer and as those of you who have been following my blog know, I have been looking for a job for 4 years. Several months ago I came to the conclusion that the reason I have not found a job is because of my age. Recently I talked with several people who were in the same situation as I am and they gave up looking for a job and they started their own businesses. I also talked with an employment specialist and he said that the probability of anyone 50 or older being hired for a job other than at Walmart are slim. 

It seems that only the young are valued in our culture. The general attitude among employers appears to be that anyone over 50 does not have anything more to contribute; that we should just be put out to pasture or just go off somewhere to never be seen or heard from again. Well, Diana Nyad at the age of 64 went and did what other younger people have unsuccessfully tried to do, and what she herself could not do when she was younger. What an inspiration!

Even though potential employers, whose advertised positions I have applied to, may think that I have nothing left to offer and am too old to be of value, I'm not going to let them stop me from working. I have decided to hire myself. I will be starting my own business. I applied to get into a local business start-up incubator and I got accepted! A lot of people who are in their 50s and older are not done with life. I am not done with life. I am just reaching the prime of my life. The best is yet to come!