Friday, October 4, 2013

Working In The Incubator

I have started working in the incubator program. They gave me some assignments which are due next Thursday. I don't have to have them totally done by then, but I have to start them and make progress on them. I have to:

1. Make a list of my role models
2. Start a list of people who can be a part of my support system. This will be hard and it will take some time
    because I have to go and talk with people.
3. Write a basic business description including a mission statement, a vision statement, and my core values.
    This is also very hard.
4. Create my business identity including name, tagline, logo, and company colors
5. Do a SWOT analysis. That is an analysis of my (my company) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
    threats that might keep me (my company) from succeeding.

My greatest concern is how to get funding for the company. The incubator does not have money to give to incubating companies. They have information on how to get grants and loans, so I will be asking about that this coming week. My husband and I are living off of savings and we will use it up by the beginning of December. It can take time for a company to start generating income, so I am very afraid about all this. I will carry on, one day at a time.