Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Obstacle In My Way

After months of searching for a position, on Friday I was offered a postdoc position at the same university where I got my doctorate. The professor that offered it to me is a world renowned researcher and our university is lucky to have her. I accepted the position. Yesterday, I found out that graduates with the particular degree that I have cannot do postdocs. Apparently we can only do OPS (temporary without any benefits). That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The professor has offered to pay me more to compensate for the lack of benefits. This position will require a lot of traveling around this state, the eastern U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands.

According to university policy:

If an OPS "employee is required as a result of University"..."employment to attend a one-day meeting or conference, or otherwise work at an out-of-town location, such attendance or work, including travel time to out-of-town meetings, conferences, and work locations, whether or not such travel occurs during the employee's normal work schedule, is considered time worked. Time spent in travel may result in total hours for the week exceeding 40, in which case the employee is in overtime status and must be compensated according to standard overtime policies." "Overtime compensation is 1.5 times the primary rate."

If I understand this correctly, if I am flying to the Netherlands, from the moment I leave my home to the moment I arrive at a hotel in Amsterdam, I have to be paid. And most of that time could end up costing her 1.5 times my hourly rate.

Once she finds this out, do you think she will still want me? I doubt it. I'm so bummed.

And someone with my degree can't be a postdoc??? WTF?????