Friday, December 5, 2008

Deadline Extended

The deadline for the paper got extended. It is now due on Monday, 12/8/08. I am so relieved. I worked on my paper until 4 am and I stopped because I couldn't think anymore. I would have turned in my paper even though it was unfinished and it sucked. Thank goodness the professor saw the light and said he had too many papers to read this weekend so why not turn this one in on Monday.

I should have gone for a Ph.D. instead. In the program that I am in there are too many classes and not enough time to do all of the assignments. Part of the problem is that the classes that we take are geared towards masters or Ph.D. students. So for every class, we have to do at least one paper, sometimes two papers, at least one presentation, usually at least one project, plus the quizzes and exams. When that is multiplied by 4 or 5 classes it can be very challenging to get everything done on time. In addition, we have to work for our assistantships. So at the moment, I am so wishing I had gone for a Ph.D. instead. I have hope that the outcome from getting my degree will make everything that I am going through worth it. So, I just keep telling myself...hold on...3 more semesters to go.


makita said...

Well, as you know, a PhD comes with it's own set of problems. Funding is not exactly cast in stone either, and your graduation depends on your research. And that can go wrong.

As busy as your program is, at least you know that as long as you stay on track you will graduate. Pretty much guaranteed. So stay on track. Three more semester is not that much. Yes, it will be busy, and yes it will be hard, but the outcome is already known. You will graduate.

Hang in there. Lunch when it's all over for this semester?

Joyce said...

Thanks for the pep talk. I needed that. Yes, definitely lunch when this semester is over.