Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is overwhelming how much I have to do. I am either working on or have the following to do:

1. Organizing 2 all day workshops, including getting speakers, getting approved for CEUs, acquiring funding and sponsors, food, supplies, and producing flyers - ongoing until the workshops

2. Completing the data and statistical analysis for the first year of my project - ongoing but I have enough for presentations, posters, and publications

3. Preparing a presentation for both workshops (same presentation for both workshops) - must be done by 8/10

4. Preparing 3 posters of stuff related to my research for the workshops - must be back from printer by 8/10

5. Must submit an extensive research progress report (estimated at 30 - 40 single-spaced pages) at end of August

6. Working on 2 manuscripts - due by end of October

It's so much that I am sitting here at work paralyzed. I have completed a lot already, but at the moment I can barely move...


Jodi said...

That job sucks

Joyce said...

Yes it does. Thank you Jodi!

I wish I could hightail it over to where you are, but of course I can't. I applied for the position, but I made a mistake when submitting the application, so who knows whether I'll get an interview...