Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To My Readers

Crimsonpanda's artwork has generated a fair amount of traffic to my blog. I have let Crimsonpanda know this and she is thrilled! So am I! Unfortunately, some of the traffic has been spam, so I have added word verification to the comments section. I don't like word verification and I was hoping to not have to use it for my blog, but for now the situation necessitates that I use it. Hopefully that will help to reduce the spam. Please do not let it deter you from making comments. I enjoy reading your comments very much. Hopefully once the traffic dies down, I can remove the word verification. Thank you for your patience.


makita said...

Wow, traffic to my blog has never gotten to the point that it generated large amounts of spam. I think I had to delete 2 spam comments, pretty sad for almost 2 years of blogging. You must be very, very popular!

Joyce said...

Well, it's not really me that's popular, it's Crimsonpanda's artwork. Just a few people were looking at my blog before I posted her image. The image came up on Blogger Play and people clicked on it and were directed to my blog. So they looked and then they left. Traffic is slowing down - maybe that's not such a good thing.