Friday, January 9, 2009

An Upcoming Change

I am dissatisfied with the template and colors of my blog. I am considering changing them to something else. I have tried every template that is available in blogger and I'm not entirely satisfied with any of them. Unfortunately, my knowledge of HTML is very limited so I have to decide which blogger template to choose. Some of my preferred background colors are black, white, or green. Since I am studying plants, it would make sense to have a green background like with the Rounders or Rounders 4 template. But, those just do not feel right. Besides, sometimes I blog about things other than my studies. So I am probably going to go with either the Minima black or white template. Please do not be too shocked if the next time you look at my blog, it looks completely different.

Have you ever considered a blog template/color change and did you make the change? Was it hard to make the change? I'm finding it a difficult thing to do. I think that our blogs function as our identity on the internet. So, to change some aspect of our blog is synonymous with changing some aspect of our identity. What do you think?

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