Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Obstacle in the Road

I received an email today from the financial aid office telling me that because I have too many credits (more than 120) that I am not eligible for more financial aid. This is the too many credits issue that I have written about a couple of times previously on this blog. About a month ago, the fa office told me that I might not need to file an appeal and that they would let me know if I needed to. So why have they waited until a Saturday..the Saturday before the start of the summer semester? Thank goodness I had a partial statement of appeal already prepared. They require supporting documentation, but they don't tell us what documentation they require. They leave it up to the student filing the appeal to figure it out and hope they get it right. So I am going to turn in everything I can think of that proves that I have to take 20 more credits to meet the requirements of my program so that I can receive my doctorate. This is so stressful. And I thought that the financing of the rest of my education was all settled. I am so close to being finished. What will I do if my appeal is not accepted and my already approved student loan becomes what...un-approved? This is so crazy.

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