Saturday, May 16, 2009


Spiders are great for agriculture. They help to reduce the number of pests that can harm a crop. When one is scouting and going along a crop row, if spider webs or spiders are observed among the foliage, that is an indication that a good pest management system is in place.

But I don't want spiders in my car! Almost every day I see one in there. A couple of days ago, I was driving along on a busy street and a spider dropped down from the visor and hung on its web right in front of my face. I felt like stopping the car right then and there, but I could not. So, I kept driving with the thing hanging right there. Fortunately, it went back up the web to the visor and walked over to the other visor and stayed there until I reached my destination. I quickly got out of the car, grabbed a kleenex, put it over the spider which was again hanging from its web and put it in some bushes. I don't like to kill spiders, so I let it live and it walked away. I wish that I didn't have a fear of spiders.

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