Monday, May 4, 2009

Funding for the Summer!

I have funding all set for the summer semester. First of all, I got accepted for the Minority Supplemental Retention Scholarship! It is going to pay for all of the 10 credits that I am taking for the summer! Woohoo!!!

Second, I got another part-time job. I will be working as a Nematology Identifier in a nematode assay lab. The position is for 20 hours a week and it will start in about 2 weeks. I will be getting internship credits for working and as a result I do not have to hunt around for another internship this summer. In addition, I still have the other part-time job that I started half way through the spring semester. I will continue to work at that one for 10 hours a week. A few weeks ago, I was told that a part-time 20 hr per week position is going to open up at a government facility near campus and was asked whether I was interested. I am! It involves citrus. So when that opens up, I'll apply and if I get it, I'll drop the 10 hr a week position. So, I have income sources set up for both the summer and fall! These are all positions that I could continue to work at even after graduation if there is a delay in finding the 'right' job.

Third, I will be receiving the remainder of my unsubsidized student loan (which will be maxed out with the first summer disbursement) and I will receive the Graduate Plus Loan.

So I am all set for the summer and almost set for the fall! I will have to apply again for the Supplemental Retention Scholarship for the fall semester, but that is the only thing left to do as far as funding for the fall is concerned. I will have income and the student loan.

So now I have to get on with the business of studying for the big comprehensive program finals. I will take 2 of them this summer. The first one is on June 23 and the second one is on June 26. They last all day. I'm actually concerned about the one on June 26. I have heard students who have taken it before say that it lasts for 9.5 hours and that there is no time to eat lunch and barely time to go the restroom. I will have to take snacks and eat as I write.

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